Autumn Joy 2018

2018 Club Flower Show – Autumn Joy

September 19-20 Horticulture
October 17-18 Floral Design / Botanical Arts
November 14-15 Photography

Green landscapes transformed into a blazing tapestry of scarlet, copper, rust, lemon, chocolate and lime. Leaves falling from swaying branches, caught by crisp, swirling breezes as they drift to crunch underfoot. These are the sights and sounds that inspire our 2018 Club Flower Show,……….. Autumn Joy.

The purpose of a Flower Show is threefold: 1) to set standards of artistic an horticultural excellence, 2) to broaden knowledge of horticulture, floral design, conservation, photography and other related areas, and
3) to share the beauty of a show with fellow club members and with the public. The Garden Club of America encourages all member clubs to provide members with the opportunity to participate in Flower Shows. Unlike Major GCA Shows (aka Opus 2017), In-Club Shows are much smaller with entrants limited to club members. This intimate model provides an opportunity to learn, collaborate, gain experience with entering a Show, encourage participation in Major Shows and above all, have fun! Each class offers a consultant who is available to answer your questions and other suggestions along the way.

To provide focus on each of the Flower Show Division areas, Autumn Joy will be staged across 3 months with Horticulture featured in September, Floral Design and Botanical Arts in October and Photography in November. This model for club show presentation (The Portland Protocol) was developed by our own Sara Mauritz and has been implemented in other cities across our zone. The informational Show guide, The Schedule, provides entry rules, division classes and will be available for your reference on the PGC website soon. Several hard copies of The Schedule will be available in the PGC inner office.


Autumn Joy Co-Chairs
Elaine Lemmer and Dede De Jager