Inspirations 2017


Opus: n. a work of art, creation, composition; a piece of music by a major composer

Opus for Spring: n. a GCA Major Flower Show; an artistic and horticultural homage to the season of hope, rebirth, and possibility

Spring reveals itself in the tiniest of details: a warmer breeze, the melting of snow, a slightly longer day. The signs of spring gradually build to a crescendo, from the first crocus to a rose in bloom. Before we know it, spring has burst upon us in its full splendor.

Opus for Spring is an artistic and horticultural homage to this season of awakening, inspired by the musical terms of the Italian Renaissance – the sonata, the concerto, the opera. The characteristics of spring are celebrated in these musical terms in the class descriptions: light, playful, harmonious, lively, brilliant, spontaneous, sweet, spirited, joyful. May you be transported by these springtime compositions!

Opus for Spring Co-Chairs
Molly Herrle and Liza Lilley

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