The Portland Garden Club Community Outreach Grants


Thank you for considering a proposal for a grant from The Portland Garden Club. We are proud of our history of contributing grants to worthy projects in our community and look forward to reviewing your grant proposal.

The 350 members of The Portland Garden Club care mightily about our community.  We take great pride in sharing our love of plants and gardening with others.  We are passionate about cultivating civic beauty and protecting our planet.  Making grants to projects and programs in our community is a way to extend these efforts.

This year our Community Outreach Grants budget is $30,000. PGC grants typically have ranged from $2,000-$2,500 but this year we invite applications that are up to $5,000. Larger exceptional grant requests may be considered.

We know there are many worthy efforts that align with our mission, some large, many small. Please apply if your group has one of them or has a dream to have one of them. Help us get the word out to the groups you know of that are working to connect people to nature, helping them learn about and appreciate the majesty of plants, birds, fish, and trees, and who are creating natural beauty in our urban landscape.

This year we have introduced an online application form.  Please use the link below to complete the form.

Click Here to Complete Grant Request Form

Timeline: Online applications will be received from Tuesday,
December 1, 2020 thru midnight Thursday, March 4,2021.

Criteria used in evaluation:

  • The Portland Garden Club mission statement will be used as a guideline in determining if a project is appropriate for a Community Outreach Grant.
  • The grant proposal must be project based. We do not fund endowments, scholarships, feasibility studies, maintenance, salary or stipends.
  • Project is “shovel” ready
  • Project objective is clearly defined
  • A sound financial plan and budget with clear proposed use of grant money
  • How will the success of the project be measured?
  • Identified potential and actual additional funding sources for project
  • Proposed impact of project on community
  • Identified need in community
  • Clear deliverables within our budget year (June 30, 2021-July 1, 2022)
  • Unique and exciting element
  • Applicant represents a nonprofit organization within our community (Portland Metro)

Questions to keep in mind:

  • What is the specific need or use for the grant money?
  • Are there an additional sources available for funding?
  • Is project maintenance assured?
  • Is the community interested in the project?
  • Will the PGC contribution make a discernible difference in the future of the project?




Questions about the application process and general information can be sent to the Community Outreach Chair, Fran von Schlegell, at


Community Outreach Grant Recipients 2014-2020

2021 Community Outreach Grants