Sarada Krishnan, PhD “The Science and Culture of Coffee”

January 17, 2019

The Science and Culture of Coffee

Sarada Krishnan: In addition to being the Director of Horticulture and the Center for Global Initiative at the Denver Botanic Gardens, Sarada Krishnan has done extensive field research in Africa on the genetics of coffee and owns a coffee plantation in Jamaica. Coffee is an important agricultural commodity contributing significantly to the economies of many developing countries. Of the 125 species of Coffea, the two main commercial species used in the production of the beverage are C. arabica(Arabica coffee) and C. canephora(robusta coffee). While likening coffee to wine, Sarada will talk about the botany and production of coffee including development of the Global Conservation Strategy for Coffee Genetic Resources, threats from climate change and development and efforts to preserve the pool of the second most widely traded commodity in the world.