Eddie’s White Wonder


Eddie’s White Wonder was developed by Henry M. Eddie in Vancouver, B.C.

It is a cross between our Northwest native dogwood, Cornus nutallii Cornus florida and the Southeast native dogwood.

This magical cross resulted in a tree that is more resistant to anthracnose and is also a prolific bloomer with large white bracts. It has dark green summer foliage that turns bright red in the fall and small red fruits in the winter.

History of Powers Park

Portland Garden Cub members, Mabel Bishop and Doreen Strong began the Powers Marine Park project.  They chose to beautify the park by planting “Eddie’s White Wonder” dogwood.  Portland Garden Club continues its stewardship of this park, found along the east side of Macadam Avenue, south of the Sellwood Bridge. 

PGC members helped plant native understory plants and every year there are work parties to weed, clean and clear the park.  When the dogwoods are blooming, drive along Macadam Avenue and admire the vision of these two Portland Garden Club members.