David Perry Photographer

April 20, 2017

Photography; In the Garden of His Imagination

David Perry is an inspirational, Seattle-based photographer, a willing teacher and a captivating storyteller with a keen knack for observation and a distinct twinkle in his eye. His reverence for gardens, flowers and the gardeners who tend them is apparent in the pictures he makes and his playful, sometimes irreverent manner of speaking about them keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Onstage he is a spirited, dynamic speaker who makes his presentation topics memorable and relevant to audiences through the ample use of clever graphics, breathtaking imagery, playful humor, and by never, ever talking down to them.

The inquisitive son of a zoologist, David grew up in the field with his dad, trapping and preserving specimens for museums, exploring bat caves throughout the South and Southwest and studying the complex interplay between life forms and their ecologies. He began documenting his impressions of the living world around him with cameras at a very early age and has never stopped exploring the world through lens and viewfinder.

He has been photographing assignments for books, magazines, scores of Fortune 500 annual reports, national ad campaigns for more than three decades.

David’s work has been featured on the cover of Fine Gardening four times in the past few years, and many times in Sunset, This Old House Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, American Rose, Flower Magazine, Leaf Magazine, Garden Design, Pacific Horticulture, Northwest Horticulture and Cut Flower Quarterly. David is the photographer and co-creator of The 50 Mile Bouquet (St. Lynn’s Press, 2012), with award-winning author, Debra Prinzing and was a principal photographer for John J. Albers’ book, Gardening for Sustainability (Vista Gardens Press, 2014). He is currently at work on another book, Your Garden Can Make a Difference, with John which should be released this next spring. David also teaches photography workshops around the country and in his West Seattle garden, and offers classes in photography and storytelling currently through Bellevue College and through The Center for Urban Horticulture at University of Washington Botanic Gardens.